On anger (ii)

When someone insults you or causes you harm, the best revenge (says Marcus Aurelius) is to not return in kind. Say to yourself, “What this person has done is wrong and out of keeping with the sort of person I wish to be.” If this is what you tell yourself, and truly believe that it is so, then how can you lay traps in your mind against this person in the hopes of revenge? Such behavior only unsettles you; it does nothing to hurt your enemy. And if you should–god forbid–act out any of your schemes of revenge, what have you accomplished except to make the world a worse place for everyone? Forgiveness is difficult and always to be aimed at; but if you cannot forgive, do not, at least, make the mistake of plotting your revenge, for if you do you, you suffer a double loss: your enemy has succeeded in turning you to his side, and you lose your peace of mind.

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