For one year, beginning in August 2017, I am attempting to live and think as Stoically as possible. Let’s see how that works out!

Purpose of this Blog

To journal through my days as an English teacher and new Stoic, seeking to adopt a new philosophy of life. The posts (at least initially) will be in meditation style as instructions to myself. I want to advise myself Stoically, as though giving advice to another person, to look dispassionately at the challenges I face daily in my personal and professional lives and to reflect on things that are on my mind. As much as possible, the meditations will be written daily as reflections on the day gone but without giving personal detail so as to remain as dispassionate as possible.

Perhaps doing so will help others who are new Stoics–or thinking about adopting Stoicism–think through some of the challenges of life. If nothing else, it is a way for me to journal about my experiences and thoughts regarding the Stoic life.

Reason for Stoicism

I have bipolar disorder and have been practicing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for a few years. Last year, as I was giving up my religious faith, I embarked on a reading program of ancient and modern philosophy. As soon as I read the Stoics, I recognized the common practices with CBT, which intrigued me. It was while reading Seneca that I decided I would try to adopt a Stoic lifestyle. Epicureanism and Existentialism are two other philosophies I flirted with, and (taking a hint from Seneca) I see a lot of value in them, as what is true in them belongs in common to all humanity, but it was Stoicism that rang most true to me–perhaps as much because of the influence it had on Christianity as its similarities with CBT.